Talkin’ Turkey

A few weeks ago, the closest  I had ever been to turkey hunting was in the grocery store meat department during the holidays… But we did our homework, watched all sorts of videos, and  practiced our calls (Ask me to do a cluck or a yelp…come on, ask me! I’m really good!)


We have some land on the west side of the state of my family’s…. Actually the state record buck shot with a muzzle loader was harvested there. No, you may not have the address. We set up camp towards the front of the property so we didn’t scare birds. Ron is shown here giving his stamp of approval on the site.


We made a fire and roasted some food on sticks (why does it always taste so much better that way?)


Head lamps are in this season, didn’t you know?


He likes his marshmallows burnt…ewww.

We spent a very chilly night in the tent with about 10 layers of clothes on. It got down in the mid 30’s. We knew exactly where the birds roosted thanks to a family friend who hunts the land as well. We had set up our ground blind right under their spot.

We got up before sun rise and already heard Gobblers! We were so excited! The only issue was as we crept back to our blind, it was so close to their roost they saw us a flew away.

As the saying goes, roosted ain’t roasted…

We spent the rest of the morning trying to call them and had no luck. W decided the best plan would be to set up the blind further back from their roost, allow for them to fly down and then call them in to us.


We knew they would come back eventually. Turkey are creatures of habit, not like deer. A gobbling Jake came strutting in on my guy’s side of the blind…I called him in closer with our box call. I tried several soft clucks at first. That got some response but what really brought him closer was when I started doing yelps.


My fella successfully harvested him. Isn’t he handsome? The bird is nice too!


Sweet light victory pose


Because I look good in camo AND I called him in I got a sweet light victory picture too!

We field dressed him in a tag team effort. I plucked the feathers and we did the rest together. I will spare you those pictures today but stay tuned for butchering pictures and recipes!




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