Perch Fishing


While I have been fishing many times, I wouldn’t consider myself “good” at all. I grew up using one of those kiddie button release casts, and only have recently learned my way around a “real” reel. 

We are going to one of the best perch fishing lakes in the state this weekend and I wanna clean up… Anyone have advice on techniques? Bait? Any other words of wisdom for perch fishing or fishing in general?

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1 Response to Perch Fishing

  1. Donald Smith says:

    When it’s all said and done, I think you can’t beat a nightcrawler set up with a bobber. If you set the hook just a foot or two above the bottom depth and slowly move it a little, you can have good results. It also leaves a chance for other species if the perch aren’t biting. Good luck!

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