Garden Attack



Do not be surprised if the next blog entry I write is entitled “Rabbit Stew.” Our garden was attacked while we were away for the weekend! I guess our puppy is scarier to other critters than we give him credit for…Any suggestions on scaring away garden pests?

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  1. Robin says:

    Spray a repellent solution of Tabasco sauce and water (1 tablespoon Tabasco/1 gallon of water) on your garden plants. Rabbits don’t like the taste of hot sauce. Protect your eyes when spraying, and wash your hands.

    Erect a 2-ft. fence around rabbit-appealing veggies, like lettuce, peas, beans, and beets.

    Pour coyote, fox, or wolf urine, available at garden centers, around the edge of your garden. Rabbits will stay away if they think a predator is nearby.

    Place chicken wire cages around your plants and keep them healthy by avoiding these vegetable garden mistakes.

    Slice a bar of deodorant soap (Irish Spring) into slivers and place them around the perimeter of your garden. Rabbits don’t like the smell of soap and won’t cross the line.

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