Mint Mojito Sugar


I bought a cute little mint plant a few months back and it’s turned into a monster!! What’s a gal to do  when she’s stuck with a bumper crop of mint leaves?


Make Fresh Mint Mojitos, naturally!

I thought I could give the Mojitos an extra minty jolt by letting the sugar hang out with the fresh mint leaves for a couple days! I should add that I am not a huge sugar person…. I considered using an alternative, but was unsure about how it would turn out with anything else.


Start by pouring a small bit of sugar into a mason jar.


Add a few mint leaves and repeat until you have your desired amount.


Easy, right? Doesn’t anything look pretty in a mason jar?

I’ll be whipping up Mojitos after the sugar and leaves get to know each other for a few days… I’m not sold on any particular recipe yet, so feel free to shout out some suggestions!

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1 Response to Mint Mojito Sugar

  1. Claire B says:

    Put two tablespoons of your sugar in the bottom of a tall glass and add the juice of half a lime and a few mint leaves (you shouldn’t need much since you have your fabulous new sugar!). Muddle it around until it smells delicious. Add a shot (or two of rum), ice and club soda to taste! Enjoy!

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