Our Garden, The Jungle


After many days of hard rain last week, our garden got a little out of control. Also, this being our first garden, we are learning a lot about how to space out plants. As you can see, we did NOT give our tomatoes enough breathing room.


Another thing we did not do well this year was strawberries… I think we got 2 or 3 berries total. RIP Little Plants.


The idea of “thinning out” our plants is horrific. When my step-dad lovingly told me this needed to be done in order for the plants to produce properly, my immediate response was “Wait, you mean kill them?!” The idea still seems impossible. So I stubbornly went about finding a way to transplant them into pots.


So far, it’s not looking too hot for the transplants 😦


The garden looks much better though! I know that we will get a much better harvest from the tomatoes now that they have more room.


And Ron continues on with critter watch.

(Woodchucks are coming…)

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