Canned Creamy Tomato Soup


I can hear the old saying “be careful what you wish for…” every time I walk by our 20+ tomato plants. 


This was about 2 days worth of fresh tomatoes. It looks like a lot, but surprisingly was just about 7lbs worth which is not enough to make many canned tomato recipes. But I found a recipe I modified for the crock pot online for Creamy Tomato Coup and thought that this amount would be just enough to try it as an experiment. I used regular tomatoes, Roma and Cherry for this recipe. 


*This is not a low fat recipe*

Cut 4 Tbs off of a stick of unsalted butter.


Dice up 1/2 an onion


After you have quartered your ‘maters and removed the stems and cores, toss it all in your trusty crock-pot. Mine’s named Sally.

Salt generously and add pepper to taste. Let everything hang out in there for a good 4 hours or so.


Warning: Your house WILL smell like heaven at this point. Neighbors may show up with flimsy excuses for why they are stopping by hoping to score a dinner invitation. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Blend your crock-pot mixture into a smooth consistency in SMALL BATCHES and a LOW SPEED. I’m not pointing any fingers but a certain someone might have done the opposite and ended up with a mess and a mildly burnt hand. Pour into wide-mouthed pint jars with about a half-inch of head space if preparing to can. 


This yielded about 5 and a 1/2 pints for me. Process in a hot water bath for 40 minutes.


Drink that little half pint remaining right out of the jar! 


Pair it with a nice glass of Trader Joes cheapest boxed wine. Enjoy!


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