Preserving Summer Herbs

What’s a gal to do when her cute little herb garden has gotten totally out of control?


I’ve felt guilty and not very creative for using them so few times and not even coming close to using them up! Recently they started to flower so I knew I had to think of something, fast!


I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest from good ol’ Martha Stewart’s website… why didn’t I think of this! It couldn’t be more simple. 


For one of my trays, I made an Italian blend of herbs. I used Oregano, Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley.


This slightly scary looking guy is Curry! I’ve been waiting to do something fun with him… I used another tray with a side of Curry and the other half Rosemary and Thyme. 


This was the final product after freezing it overnight!. My guess is I used a little over 1 tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in each cube. This was so simple and it will be great to have a taste of summer herbs in our cooking this winter. If you wanted to get all fancy-pants you could use chili or garlic flavored oil to give it an extra kick! 🙂

Any other ideas to use up summer herbs? 







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