A Six Month Hiatus; Summarized

It’s been a busy few months. I know people like to say that, but I feel that Michael and I have been truly BUSY these last few months!

Michael got a fantastic new job as a district manager for Taco Bell. He has been loving it so far and it is proving to be both fun and challenging for him. (He’s super excited to have this neon sign they were going to throw away. I was not impressed…)


Also, we are officially home owners!!


We will be moving to Columbiaville, MI in the next few weeks! The sellers spend their winters in Florida, so it took some time to coordinate them coming home, moving out, etc. But now it is springtime and it will be easier to move now anyway.


The view from the front


Michael’s favorite part; his very own man cave/workshop!


It is on 10 acres and butts up to State Land. We’ve gotten up there a few times since the weather has gotten nice to explore the woods and get some shooting practice in before spring turkey season started. (Side note; no luck with turkey hunting again this season. We went to our farm land on the west side of the state and I literally had a Tom walk in front of me so closely that when I lifted up my gun I scared him and couldn’t get a shot…I can hardly even talk about it.)


As I mentioned before, the sellers are still living in the house until later this month. But they were nice enough to be open to us coming up to start our garden for the year. We rented a rototiller last weekend and tilled up a large chunk of land.


We planted some of our cold weather resistant plants like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.


Yesterday, we went up again and added some fertilizer. We bought 12 bags and it was barely enough!


We are trying potatoes and onions for the first time this year too. I am excited to see how they turn out. We also put in seeds for carrots, okra, cucumber, watermelon and pumpkins. We will be going back over next weekend to put in a few more seeds we forgot to pick up at the store. We have started our tomatoes from seed at our other house but won’t be putting them in the ground until all chances of frost are behind us. We will also be digging up lots of our flowers and hostas at our current home to plant around the house as well.


This is one of my favorite parts of the house! There are 3 STOCKED ponds full of bluegill and bass. Here are the two that you see driving up to the house and there is a deeper one in the backyard. We can’t wait to be officially moved in but has been fun gardening and dreaming about all the fun projects we could like to do on it. We feel unbelievable blessed and thankful and can’t wait to share lots of fun times with family and friends here soon!

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